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San Diego Fumigation

san diego fumigation

Before Fumigation:

  • Water the soil up to 18 inches from the outer walls of your home to protect outdoor plants and shrubs.
  • Cut back foliage, shrubbery, and landscaping at least 18 inches from the structure to allow room for the tarps.
  • Remember to make arrangements for overnight accommodations for you and your pets, as the whole fumigation process usually takes three days and two nights.
  • Prior to the fumigation it is the owner or agent’s responsibility to contact SDG&E to restore service for as early as noon (Monday through Friday) after the fumigation process has been completed. The gas line must remain disconnected (locked) until the structure has been certified as safe to re-enter. If you have any questions about the time that your property will be cleared at the end of the fumigation process, please do not hesitate to contact our team 619-292-2846

The Day of Fumigation:

  • We need your keys, We offer a lockbox installation to safely store your keys on site.
  • Remove all plants from your home, including those on outdoor patios.
  • Evacuate all people and pets from the structure.
  • Remove mattresses covered in plastic, such as baby mattresses with waterproof covers, or remove or open the covers.
  • Remove or double-bag anything that will be ingested: food, drugs (including tobacco products), medicinals, spices, etc. in the special Nylofume bags provided. You do not need to bag or remove items in plastic, glass, or metal bottles, cans or jars with the original manufacturer’s seal intact (refer to the Fumigation handout, What Needs to be Bagged).
  • Seal the Nylofume bags by following the special instructions provided with the bags.
  • Double-bag (in Nylofume) cold and frozen foods and leave them in the refrigerator and freezer. Remove shelves from the refrigerator and freezer to make it easier to stack the bags inside.

After The Fumigation Process:

  • It is unnecessary to wash dishes, linens, clothing, etc., as Vikane is a gas and will dissipate from the structure.
  • Retain the “Clear to Enter” notice that was posted on your house. The utility company representative will request to see it.

san diego ca fumigation

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