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We offer affordable ant treatment for any budget and also have warranties from one year to five years, depending on homeowners choice of treatment and follow up- with yearly inspection so you are at ease knowing your property is in good shape for years to come.

san diego ant treatment

Ants have many species and play a significant role in our everyday life. The carpenter ant will infest trees and structures commonly. Carpenter ants are much larger 12-20mm in length and are active at night. You’ll find discarded shavings debris and ant caucasus near nesting areas. The nest can be found foraging far away from nesting area

Many homeowners encounter the odorous house ant usually searching for water, sugar or protein. While randomly foraging, they will find a source and attack like crazy. These ants will enter through wall plugs, switch plates covers virtually taking over and often in large numbers upwards in the hundreds.

Another will be fire ants, which can be deadly to pets and humans. These ants have a vicious bite, with a painful stinging sensation when bitten and attack in large numbers.

DAV Pest Control has a non-repellent pesticide program. We utilize modern scientifically proven chemicals and baits to control infestation.

If you find yourself having a problem, please contact our office to schedule an inspection.

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