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San Diego Cockroach Extermination

We offer affordable San Diego cockroach extermination for any budget and also have warranties from one year to five years, depending on homeowners choice of treatment and follow up- with yearly inspection so you are at ease knowing your property is in good shape for years to come.

Cockroaches have dated back to 49 million years ago and many species are common today in and around our household. Cockroaches are difficult to control such as the German Cockroach which is the most prevalent found today. These cockroaches are usually 1.6 cm long and are tan to almost black in color. They are often brought into homes unknowingly by humans through used electronics like TVs, microwaves, cable boxes, electrical devices, and appliances purchased at garage sales or thrift stores. Cockroaches are a crack and crevice pest in kitchens commercial and residential settings infestation are normally seen at night while foraging for food or water. If the cockroaches are mating during daylight hours the infestation can be considered as a heavy infestation. Most pest control operators spray a permethrin which is a repellant and tend to make them run for cover. DAV Pest Control has a procedure called integrated pest management program where we seal as much areas of harborage as possible remove any sources of harborage and bait areas with a insect growth regulator affecting adult and all offspring. This is a very effective method with long term control that doesn’t require a move out and very little preparation.

There’s also American Cockroach large in size 4-5 cm tan to golden brown in color. This cockroach is a occasional pest normally found outside but entering structures causing most homeowners to become very disturbed by their presence.

Finally, the oriental cockroach 18-29 mm in size known as waterbug by most people again this is an occasional pest.

If you find yourself having a problem, please contact our office for an inspection.

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