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San Diego Rodent Services

We offer affordable San Diego rodent services, rat and mouse, treatment for any budget and also have warranties from one year to five years, depending on homeowners choice of treatment and follow up- with yearly inspection so you are at ease knowing your property is in good shape for years to come.

san diego rodent control

Rodents are very destructive pests in Southern California, they carry viruses such as hantavirus and arena virus, which is deadly to humans if not properly handled. The roof rat which can be identified by their tails being longer than their body and are most common, evidence of infestation is rub marks where they frequent and you will find fecal pellets about 1/4 inches in length and pointed. These are obvious signs of infestation a female adult can give birth up to 9-10 pups per litter gestation period of about 22 days so immediate control is crucial. DAV Pest Control has a very aggressive strategy for control. First we begin with exclusion sealing all known points of entry from the roof vents to air conditioning lines, gable roof access points, and vent screens. Every possible entry is sealed. We will then install traps to capture any rats trapped inside the infested area. Once completed we offer a cleanup service in attic spaces. We normally remove soiled insulation, sanitize, and deodorize. Next we install new blown in insulation that we handle completely in house.

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