Michael M.

“I contacted Vince and immediately he said he could have someone out to retreat the problematic area (the very next day!!). I commend Vince and his team for taking care of their customers (no matter what it takes). I will continue to use DAV on all of our properties and I highly recommend them.”

Dani M.

“I heard about DAV Pest Control and I made the call and Julio came out to do the inspection. We walked the property, inspecting for termite damage. I knew I had termites but was surprised by the amount of damage we found. When you know what to look for and where to look, it makes a big difference. An incredible job on a hot day. Truly amazing. I am so grateful for the professional service I received. I highly recommend this company if you ever need termite extermination and repair work. Great Job!”

Marissa N.

“I was so impressed by the customer service of all their staff. It is refreshing to see an efficient and friendly locally owned business. We had our quote for termite repairs and remediation by Julio who was great. The actual treatment was done by Joseph who was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. We ran into one hiccup and management fixed it without hesitation. I look forward to referring friends and family to their services if the need arises.”

Deborah G.

“DAV’s crew showed up with all the tools and materials to do REAL repairs. Not only did they remove and replace damaged wood, they also meticulously made everything look good as new again. My husband didn’t have to paint over ugly repairs, or clean up after a messy crew. From start to finish, DAV’s team was courteous, efficient & professional–plus they are a South Bay company. 🙂 They exceeded our expectations in every way. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”